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Team Spaceman at 2016 Tongies Awards

Photos courtesy of Tongal

Tons of fun at the 2016 Tongies, where Team Spaceman was nominated in the "Best Animation" category for our 90 second crayon-style animated short, "Blaze and Crayon Adventure," promoting the Nick Jr. series Blaze and the Monster Machines. The animation received the top award last summer in Tongal's Blaze project, sponsored by Nickelodeon. 

A hearty congratulations to Sam Lawlace, who won the Best Animation category this year with his excellent LEGO stop-motion.  We're big fans of Sam's work.  Also want to give special shout-outs to Irvin Anderson for his well-deserved "Ideator of the Year" award, and Julie Lee for her induction into Tongal's Hall of Fame. We got to sit next to Irvin and Julia this year, and they're Tongal's definitive power couple!

This was the third annual Tongies, and Team Spaceman has had the great privilege of attending all three years. It's been great getting to meet all the talented creators in the Tongal community.

You can see our nominated animation below.